Against Post-Modern Stress
Today, people live so quickly, in constant shame, which is real or self-induced; your nerves are very tight. Stress is your loyal friend; stress is there when everyone else leaves you. When you sleep, when you kiss, when you spend your time with your children or with your friends, your heart is going on like an angry calculator, like a broken taximeter. You are aware of it but you do not have the will to change something. Wellness Centre ”Fons Romanus” is the right place for you

Among many modern programs in the Special Hospital ”Merkur” in Vrnjačka Banja, whose work is very well known to the readers of National Review, Wellness Centre ”Fons Romanus” is working since May 2005, the best ever opened in Serbian spas. The centre is wearing the name of the most important spa spring in ancient Rome.
The centre is located in the basement of ”Merkur novi” Hotel, it has a pool with warm thermo-mineral water, a bar by the pool, a Finish sauna, a fitness centre, a centre for physical therapy...
We shall now take a short tour through the most important spots of ”Merkur” Wellness Centre, recommending it with assurance which exists only among experienced partners.


Here it is – a unique opportunity to bath in thermo-mineral water with the temperature of 27-32˚C. You enter it on a staircase or through a ramp. It is round, 25 metres in diameter.
Just besides the pool, is ”Kneip” tub, which we mention for people to whom this is very important.


We have seen them in movies, northern and Russian, in some famous novels, such as Hamsun’s or Malaparte’s. Now, we have here.
A classical Finish sauna, always offers a new kind of pleasure, say the people who are enjoying it very often. The air temperature is from 80 to 100˚C, and the humidity between 12 and 15 percent.
At the entrance of ”Merkur”, whether you are standing in front of it or looking at their web site, you shall be reminded:
”Take a shower before entering the sauna. While entering and leaving, quickly close the door of the sauna. Hold your legs up the seat; it is much more useful, and you shall take up less space. You should adjust your sauna position (lying, sitting) to the number of visitors in the sauna. Only the receptor can pour the water over the heater in the sauna. Look after the visitor below yourself and do not sprinkle him with sweat. Keep your voice down in the sauna, in order not to bother others. Instead of talking in the sauna, you should enjoy tender music and your own thoughts. Newspapers are forbidden in the sauna...”
You think these rules are ridiculous, or that they are understood? You are wrong. Experience says so.
These are even more important:
”Do not enter the sauna on an empty stomach or overeaten. Dry yourself after showering, because only a dry body can start sweating. Bring a towel to the sauna. In ten minutes, lye down on middle benches. On the lower bench or on the floor you cannot get the desired result. You should take care of the time spent on the highest benches, because you should not expose your head to such heat. You should not exaggerate. Before leaving the cabin, you should first sit up and wait for enough blood to reach brain cells. Do not sit on the highest bench before leaving the cabin. After you have left the cabin you should freshen up on the balcony, you should move around and breathe fresh air. A cold shower should take off the sweat from the skin. You should shower your head last. Do not use soap, both with cold or warm showers, because it destroys the ”sour dermis layer” and burdens the circulation of the blood. People with normal skin can enter the swimming pool right after. In order to bring the blood circulation into balance you need to rest.”
After the sauna, the experts recommend a massage. Moreover, before entering the sauna again you need to rest, ten to fifteen minutes, with your feet lifted up.


Tension and muscle fatigue will be eliminated with the skilled fingers of one of twenty charming physiotherapists.
Besides specific therapeutic effects, classical manual massage does well for the blood circulation and for the muscles. Instead of describing it, you should try it.


A gym, with all equipment for corrective gymnastics and bodybuilding, enables active trainers to continue their rhythm of training even on vacation.
When we say fitness, we think of training on appropriate equipment in the gym. However, fitness is not only that. ”It also includes a diet, a way of organising these activities and their fitting into our everyday life. Today, body-building is a life philosophy.”
”Merkur” is the ideal opportunity for all those who want to step into the world of bodybuilding and see its essence and want to go further in training. The mission of trainers is to include not only methods and training techniques in the gym, but also other activities that are included in modern bodybuilding. The guests can then make a complete image of what bodybuilding can offer them in getting a stronger and well-built body. s

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