Price Increase

For a long time now, the fact that the price of something has increased is not news here. We carry the package of explanations like a boring murmur in our heads: raw materials price increase, international energy products market disturbances, Euro exchange rate, increase of taxes and fees, objective circumstances, subjective weaknesses, slippery field and round ball. Now, after such a long resistance we are also forced to increase the price of National Review. Should we join this chorus too? The real news is that National Review succeeded in not increasing its price for three years, in spite of calculators, isn’t it? Shouldn’t we actually explain how we managed to endure it?
We are really investing great efforts into this project. We take away from everything else and add here, convinced that this is necessary and important. There are also others, mainly respectable businesspeople, aware of the value of National Review, aware that it is not only a magazine, but also a cultural model. These people have been supporting us with their partnership from the beginning. Furthermore, there are serious businesspeople who, despite the pervading shallowness and terror of banality, unmistakably recognized their interest to advertise regularly in such a magazine and address readers such as you, our readers, our greatest allies.
Without this support, we would certainly not succeed.
Very important for National Review is the growing number of subscribers, the fact that our magazine entered practically all institutions, schools, churches, that young and old, urban and rural, refined and educated people read us. We are still handing out almost the entire edition in English free of charge to foreign embassies and companies in Serbia, reporters and travelers, investors and guests.
It is interesting that all foreigners who held National Review in their hands were convinced that the state of Serbia is behind this project, supporting it in every way, that this is an official magazine. They say that this is the case in the whole world with such magazines, because such a mission is the task of the state. Instead of, in accordance with the truth in our case, unconvincing them, all we could offer them was a smile.

From now on you
can buy National Review at Trafika sales outlets

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