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Idi­ot. Ίδιώτης. In line with the original meaning of this Old Greek word, it is a person who is indifferent toward interests of the community in which he lives and toward state issues, who is focused on his own and private, who is encircled and measured with his own selfishness. He has reduced the entire world into his own preserve. Society is only a hunting ground, an area where you enter only to despoil as much as possible and, like a blind dog, drag that into your own litter. There are no moral obstacles, no scruples, no mercy. Although he will never need that much, he still despoils more and more. Just in case. He is also an idiot because he will always, apparently shrewdly and resourcefully, successfully, exchange more for less: soul for money, welfare of everybody for his own welfare, faith for a meal.
Even the modern idiot is not interested in suffering or joy of other people outside his preserve. A poet says: “I feel the pain from all wounds of my kind.” The idi­ot silently jeers at him: An idi­ot!” He will secretly take five million euros in exchange for dropping the price of state owned property, at the moment of sale, by 50 million. For another five million he will calmly dispose the vital sectors of the economy, such as food industry, handing it over to a foreign country with which only yesterday his own country was in war, and still is, only weapons are different. For an appropriate amount, without even blinking, he will allow import and marketing of suspicious medications, or turn a blind eye to a huge quantity of various narcotics. He will be “representative of the people” only so he could despoil even more from those unfortunate people, with a smile. With his signature, he will give countries and cities, past and future of his people, if in exchange he is given a handy hiding place for his own needs and an opportunity to stay in power for another couple of years.
It does not matter what his portrait in the attic looks like, his real face; Idi­ot will never climb to the attic. He will buy the media and they will impose a social scale of values, based solely on how much you have managed to despoil. Let go of that nonsense typical for losers and poets. Such as: “Each one’s work will become manifest, for the Day will disclose it, because it will be revealed by fire, and the fire will test what sort of work each one has done.” (1 Cor. 3, 13)
Is this time characterized by the triumph of Idi­o­t? Is being an Idi­ot the only possible systemic solution? Each one of us, with our God given free will, is resolving these issues. In the last issue we showed how good hearted Serbian bikers did that. In this issue, you will see how Ma­ri­ja Tran­da­fil from Novi Sad did it in the 19th century, or how No­vak Đo­ko­vić and “Our Serbia” are doing it today.
Not all of us are idiots.

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