Better, More Modern, More Successful
In accordance with all exact parameters, this company is today the most efficient part of the electric power distribution system of the EPS. However, for the experts of ”Elektrovojvodina”, that is not the end of ambitions and goals. They are concentrated on reducing the loss of electric poser, improving the system of collection, modernization of the process of calculation of consumption, introducing new software, investing into electric power structure. Only in this way it is possible to keep up with the developed world

In more than half a century of its existence, ”Elektrovojvodina” has grown into a powerful leader in the field electric power distribution and is ready to face the changes and challenges promene before it.
In the area of Vojvodina covered by this company, with surface area of 21,506 square kilometers, today there are 10,745 transformer stations with total installed power of 9,062 megavolt ampere and 60 transformer stations with power of 110, installed power of 3,106 megavolt ampere (55 of them are with remote control). It has 25,400.78 kilometers of power distribution lines and low voltage network.
”Elektrovojvodina” is currently supplying almost 920,000 customers with good quality electric power. Annual consumption is 9,109 gigawatt hours, and peak load is 1,737 megawatts.
Thanks to its successful business operations, ”Elektrovojvodina” is now recognizable in a wider region of Southeast Europe.


– ”Elektrovojvodina” is one of five companies involved in distribution of electric power of EPS, and one of the most efficient parts of that system, and it certainly deserves top quality professionalism as the basis for further progress and improvement of quality of the development of electric power distribution system as a whole. As such, it certainly must have individuals and teams of best quality – says Dr Tihomir Simić, Director of ”Elektrovojvodina”, for National Review. – All statistical data indicate that ”Elektrovojvodina” is currently the most successful part of electric power distribution system of EPS. However, for us that does not mean that we have fully achieved the set goals. Ambition and desire to be even better are clearly projected, especially when it comes to quality of collection and reduction of loss of electric power. Certainly, at this moment the collection, in accordance with real economic situation in our society, represents a latent and daily task, for both the economy and the citizens. Exactly because of this, the quality of work of one such system does not mean only efficient implementation of rules on disconnecting someone ho has not paid for the consumed electric power on time, but it also implies the possibility to find the best possible solution together with the subscriber. To ensure the collection at the moment when the subscriber realistically has possibilities to cover the debt. That implies top quality precision and timeliness of finances, but also flexibility in searching for the best possible solutions, within the available legal framework. In this way, we open the possibility to make payments during a certain term and in installments, with providing appropriate guarantees and (of course) fulfillment of the assumed obligations. We have to do everything so that our customers would feel that they have a reliable and permanent partner who supplies them with the purest energy.
Key priorities of ”Elektrovojvodina” in the upcoming period, says Director Simić, is maximum reduction of losses in the process of distribution and delivery of electric power, raising the level of collection, accelerated modernization of the process of calculating consumption (based on the introduction of modern software applications and billing) and opening of continuous cycle of capital investments into the electric power structure. This will ensure high precision and speed in the process of trade and collection, as well as intensive development of infrastructure, in accordance with the main brunt of economic development of local self-governments and the province.
– General modernization of business operations will enable reduction of losses and effective business results of our company – says Dr Tihomir Simić.


”Elektrovojvodina” belongs to high professional business systems that also have their strategic depth in human resources.
– We have objective possibilities to achieve really good business results – ads the first man of this company. – It is also certain that implementation of project-team organization, as well as strengthening of horizontal technological links between professionals who are running the business and branches across Vojvodina, can have exceptional contribution to the total result.
”Elektrovojvodina” was established on June 28th, 1958 as a consolidated company for electric power distribution in the territory of the northern Serbian province. The Articles of Association were then adopted by the Executive Council of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia, upon initiative of the Executive Council of the National Assembly of AP Vojvodina.
It was formed through merger of several smaller companies that were involved in the production of electric power. This group of unequal entities has a task to face the growing consumption of electric power with highly underdeveloped electric power distribution network.
The first phase of development, from 1958 to 1977, was the period of reconciling differences and unification. Strategy of development depended to a large extent on economic system of the country that was, in that period, based on defining cost standards.
Transformation of economic concept, based on elements of income and profit, enabled ”Elektrovojvodina” to enter the new phase of development. The phase of intensive construction of facilities lasted between 1977 and 1989. Investments were made not only into electric power facilities and network, but also into resources for the production of electric power. TE-TO ”Novi Sad 1”, TE-TO ”Novi Sad 2”, TE-TO ”Zrenjanin” and TE ”Drmno” were built during this period. This period was also marked by the strengthening of personnel through development of skills, advance training and hiring new experts.
In 1990, ”Elektrovojvodina” becomes a part of the Electric Power Distribution of Serbia (EPS) and it operates based on the concept of joint income in EPS. By entering the consolidated system, ”Elektrovojvodina” became economically directly connected with the sources of electric power. New technologies and quality system were introduced in this period.
The period after 2000 was marked by the beginning of restructuring of ”Elektrovojvodina” and separation of secondary and auxiliary from the so called ”core” activities.


– I see ”Elektrovojvodina” as a recognizable company of high reputation and authority, which is one of the key factors in ensuring energy stability and welfare of citizens of AP Vojvodina. In this framework, we want and we will offer the best solutions in order to, by means of energy efficiency and new technologies, if possible, improve business operations of the company even more. I am fully aware of the fact that energy is the main driver and that, in contemporary world, it does not have alternative – says Dr Tihomir Simić. – Only synergy of these qualitative categories, in the context of conceptualized strategies and programs for their realization, can enable Vojvodina and Serbia to achieve everything that other European countries did long time ago and on which our neighbors have been diligently and consistently working for a very long time.
Therefore, the care for energy security represents the beginning and end of all thoughts of better life of people, concludes Dr Simić.
– Realization of our business plans and operating goals is an imperative for all those who want more, better and more beautiful for themselves and for others.


”Elektrovojvodina” currently employs more than 2,500 experts with all backgrounds. It has 246 electrical engineers, 4 employees with PhD in electrical engineering, 27 employees with MS in technical sciences. It employs 30 legal officers, 92 economists and 5 employees with masters degree in economics, 732 technicians... because of this potential in individuals and teams that have knowledge and abilities, this company can give its contribution to the total development and progress.


Change of Status
In early 2006, Public Company ”Elektrovojvodina” changed its legal status into Company for distribution of electric power ”Elektrovojvodina d.o.o.”, Novi Sad.
Seven branches were organized within the company: Novi Sad, Subotica, Pančevo, Zrenjanin, Sombor, Ruma and Sremska Mitrovica.


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