Suicide by Selfishness

”Somebody must slam his fist on the table here. It has become insufferable.”
The old professor sighs and goes silent. Papers are scattered on top of the desk. Explorations of teams of people: figures, analyses, estimates.
Every year, the number of Serbs grows is decreasing by a town with a population of 23,000! Only in state medical institutions, by ”experts’ hands”, 220,000 Serbs are being killed in prenatal stadium every year! Every four years, the outcome of this is more horrible than the one in Jasenovac!
Let’s make it clear: it is not that ”Serbs are no longer making children”. Although not as many as before, they make a sufficient number of them. But they kill them more than ever!
Explanation? Poverty, man! Everything is expensive, from square meter of residential property to diapers and diplomas, plus unemployment, uncertainty, stateless condition. We cannot provide decent life for ourselves, why should we additionally burden ourselves with children?! This tiny property has grown smaller anyway, it shrank, what would become of it if we divided it into two, three, four!...
”And if our ancestors, armed with far more convincing reasons, had thought in such a miserable way, so selfishly and hypocritically, would have we been in the situation to discuss all this at all? Does the nation that has lost its vitality and instinct of self-preservation to such an extent deserve to survive at all? What consolation is that, and for whom, the fact that the condition in other European nations is even worse?” asks the old professor.
It is logical to assume that such a disastrous situation would be absolutely the topic of highest priority in this country and this nation. But it isn’t. Its turn has not arrived yet. On cover pages of daily papers you may see all the nonsense they use to mislead people who are dangerously balancing on the edge of an abyss. It is even more important to discuss the parading of those who are using their disturbed psychological and hormonal structure to create ideology for mass abuse and even further sinking.

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