Freed from All Illusions

The Balkan drama has turned into a farce once again. Pretentious directors again underestimated its devastating potential. Once again, small provincial marionettes came to believe that they are playing the leading role, and that there are those who are taking them seriously. Cynical mockery has become the most overused genre today. Boomerang handlers have once again forgotten its main attributes. Bending low over the image of ”local disasters”, tyrants of the tottering parasitic empire cannot see that they are included in that image themselves.
The rulings of the so called Hague Tribunal, which cleared from all responsibilities the notorious criminals on the Croatian and Albanian side of the war in the ruins of Yugoslavia, which was previously done to those on the Muslim side, could not have surprised anybody lucid and sober in Serbia. Almost unanimous outrage and condemnation are understandable. Yes, ”everybody in the Hague is innocent, until it is proven they are Serbs”. However, unlike many, we are convinced that this Hague fellows could not have made a decision that is better and more useful for Serbia. If it had adopted some tragic-comically small sentences and then released the criminals because they had spent more time in the prison than what they are apparently sentenced for, there would have been at least some space for retreat. This way, there is nowhere to go. The apparition fell apart. The Hague crowd sentenced itself to death, but also the last Serbian illusions about the world in which they live. Even the most heard-hearted but lucid among us who were refusing to tell the difference between friends and enemies, and to call a spade a spade, now had to take a good look at the freak behind the mask. And to understand what they see.
One should stop here. One should dedicate to themselves and their true national interest. Throw away the horrors of clichés. The protectorate fell down, mental occupation is finished. As soon as we return to ourselves, we will stop being alone. We will find friends who have been waiting for us for a long time.

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