With Our Heads in a Canvas Bag

First rivers and mountains, cities and villages, mines and fields of wheat, flowers and birds, disappeared from the regulated media language and pseudo political discourse about Kosovo and Metohija. Then people, sanctities and a millennium of culture were suppressed to the ”third layer of consideration”. All this was patched over with trendy phrases, flexible as chewing gum.
The strategy of not mentioning is only the first chapter of the strategy of forgetting. Between them, there is an ongoing projected ”process of desacralization of Kosovo and Metohija”. If it stops being the holy land in our heads and hearts, if it drops down to the level of an ”ordinary province”, mere subject of political and territorial litigation, and if we actually accept it, we will seriously violate our relation with God and Common Sense. Having arguments stronger than others’ in terms of politics, law, history and territory, is all in vain. We are watching a fixed match with both teams fighting for a victory over us. Our future will depend on how much we have defended our pasts.
If we allow the desecration, the only thing left for us to do, spinned and stuffed, is to wander the scaffold that used to be our country, and search for our head among numerous ones in a consumer basket full of gifts for natives, or in a canvas bag, that will be taken, we all know by whom, as a gift to the New Sultanate. We’ll lose the right to ever again restore the Temple barbarians have temporarily broken into.
The most important thing is that incorruptible poets and priests, the most ascended and wisest within us, are resisting it. And the ouzel, the black cassock among birds. They are keeping the seed from which everything will sprout again. Photographers have done their part as well. Therefore, begin and end reading this National Review with the ”Album”. So as not to forget what you have been talking about so much these days.

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