“The Beautiful Face of Serbia 2011”

The formal award and recognition ceremony on Vidovdan marked the end of the Fourth Major Annual Competition for the best series of photographs “The Beautiful Face of Serbia 2011”, organized again this time by “SERBIA. National Review” and the College of Tourism in Belgrade.
The first prize went to Milan Janković, a longtime photo editor at Politika and Politički magazin, the second prize to Srđan Belij, from the Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia, and the third to Dejan Knežević, a lecturer at the Department of Geography, tourism and Hotel Management at the Faculty of Science and Mathematics in Novi Sad.
A special recognition for longtime contribution to the development of Serbian photography went to Matija Koković, former photo editor at Večernje novosti, and Special Award for multimedia innovation and creativity went to Aleksandar Dragutinović, photo editor at Geopolitika.
Three special acknowledgments were awarded to Boža Šćepanović from Paraćin, Igor Pavićević from Belgrade and Miroslav Jovanović from Smederevo.
The jury consisted of: professor Dr Milan Skakun (director of the College of Tourism), Branislav Matić (Deputy Editor-in-Chief of National Review), Željko Sinobad (photo editor at Ilustrovana Politika) and Dragan Bosnić (photo editor at National Review).


1. Milan Janković (56 points)
2. Srđan Belij (55 points)
3. Dejan Knežević (54 points)

4. Boža Šćepanović (49)
5. Igor Pavićević (45)
6. Miroslav Jovanović (40)

June 28, 2011


Special award for longtime contribution to the development of Serbian photography: Matija Koković (Vrulji near Pljevlja, Montenegro, 1938).
He worked as a photo journalist and photo editor at Narodna armija and Front until 1968. That year he became permanent correspondent and reporter of Zagreb newspapers Vjesnik, Večernji list, Arena, Studio. After the war broke in 1991, Matija transfers to Belgrade newspapers Borba and Večernje novosti, where he worked as the photo editor.
He has been an associate of National Review since its first edition.

Special award for multimedia innovation and creativity: Aleksandar Dragutinović
Originally from Zemun. Worked as a photo journalist and photo editor at a number of renowned newspapers and magazines, among others in Blic. He is no a photo editor in Geopolitika.
His photographs border with paintings, his paintings border with photography. Authors such as David Albahari and Mirjana Bobić Mojsilović used to write notable studies about his art.


First award: Milan Janković was born in Belgrade in 1947. In 1971, he joined the editorial board of Politika and traveled along its entire professional vertical, up to the position of photo editor. He has been a part of the famous Politikin Magazin from its beginnings. He marked the golden period of this unique weekly magazine with his unforgettable cover pages, travel articles and photo-reports. He is an advocate of the so-called “beautiful photography”, even t the times when it was not particularly accepted in pseudo-artistic circles.  
Today he works as a freelance artist and cooperates with several local and international illustrated magazines.

Second award: Srđan Belij, from Novi Beograd, for many years professionally associated with the Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia. That is how he reached even the most remote corners of this country, recorded natural rarities and phenomena with his camera, testified about beauty and our attitude toward it.
He placed second at this year’s competition, with only one point behind the winner.

Third award: Dejan Knežević, from Novi Sad, a lecturer at the Department of Geography, Tourism and Hotel Management of the Faculty of Science and Mathematics in Novi Sad. He studied history of art and German language and literature, and graduated in 1996.
His photographs are imbued with a unique poetics and sensibility.
He placed third at this year’s competition, two points behind the winner.


4. (Special acknowledgment): Boža Šćepanović is from Paraćin. He has been a longtime member of the photo Club in this city, a mountaineer, very much in love with Serbia and its genius loci. He has his own printing office and he publishes some of the most beautiful calendars with photo motifs from Serbia, most of which are his own photographs.
He placed fourth at this year’s competition, with 49 points.

5. (Special acknowledgment): Igor Pavićević is from Belgrade. He worked at illustrated weekly magazine Tempo, daily paper Balkan, and for the past five years he has been working at daily paper Pres.
Since 2005 he has been exhibiting his work at annual exhibitions of the Association of Media Photographers of Serbia.
In 2008, he had his independent exhibition entitled “Witness of the Latent” at Artget Gallery.
He won 45 points at this year’s competition and placed fifth.

6. (Special acknowledgment): Miroslav Jovanović was born in Smederevo in 1970. His fascinations include travel and photography, and his favorite subject is: Serbia. He also participated at the competition “The Beautiful Face of Serbia” in 2009, won the same acknowledgment and was represented in the 17th edition of National Review.
Forty points that he was awarded this year won him the sixth place.