The Lasting Contribution to the Culture of Belgrade
”If we would name all winners by now, we would see a range of names through which our culture had risen all the way to the biggest European metropoles”, it is said on this ceremony in the National Theatre. ”As they were all awarded, this award also became more prestigious”

The Association of Culture and Education of Belgrade is one of the most important cultural institutions in the Serbian capital for 53 years, and for four decades, since 1970, it has been awarding the eminent recognition ”Zlatni beočug” for the lasting contribution to the culture of Belgrade. This also happened this spring, on April 10th 2009, during a great ceremony in the National Theatre, the oldest cultural building of Belgrade. The Association of Culture and Education of Belgrade – ”the greatest capital organization of cultural activists, of all sorts of artistic creation, science and education”, this ”parliament of culture with several thousands of activists” – again gathered the elite of cultural life of Belgrade.
For National Review and its publisher, ”Princip Press”, it was a very important day, because they found themselves among all those great people of Serbian culture.

This year’s winners of “Zlatni beočug” on the ceremony in the National Theatre

– If culture is the highest awareness of one nation, the image of its highest achievements, beliefs, tradition and aims, then we always encourage it – said Milovan Vitezović, the President of the Association of Culture and Education of Belgrade, at the beginning of this ceremony. – Culture is the best proof of our existence and our survival, but also a way of determining our place among other cultural nations. The strategy of survival of a nation, with the concern for offspring, is to be accomplished through culture, education, science and art. I can feel free to say: we are lucky to have great culture and our town stands proudly among European metropoles, even if we have neglected culture very much. We should be concerned about the public relations towards our culture and cultural institutions like a nation but also like individuals, because this is a question of survival. This will be the main question of the big meeting of our parliament of culture that we are planning and preparing this year. It will be considered whether this world crisis means a certain change of the world cultural paradigm.

Milutin Ignjatović, the Manager of CIP. President of the Jury
Olja Ivanjicki and the Manager of “Princip Press” Mišo Vujović

The creators of the award ”Zlatni beočug”, the prestigious recognition for lasting contribution to the culture of Belgrade, as well as of ”Izvanredni zlatni beočug” for life achievements, are the poet Vasko Popa, who named it, the painter Radomir Stević Ras, who designed it and a cultural activist and museologist Jefto Jeftović, who made its statute.
– Recognitions are really valuable and immaterial – said Vitezović. If we would name all winners by now, we would see a range of names through which our culture had risen all the way to the biggest European metropoles. Moreover, if we made a book of clever and critical explanation of every awarded man, it would represent a unique modern encyclopaedia of culture, art and science of Belgrade. The first men of this capital are really the five hundred awarded. As they were all awarded, this award also became more prestigious.

Милован Витезовић, председник КПЗ Београда

Milovan Vitezović, the President of the
Association of Culture and Education of Belgrade

Just like culture is more important to the moral condition of the nation than any material goods, said Vitezović, our winners have shown themselves as great keepers of moral stability in this tough times.
– Gentlemen, you are our choice this time, your are the pride of our culture. Our scientist Milutin Milanković thought that the works of art and science are intended not only for contemporaries, but also to our offspring and to eternity. Contemporaries are giving you these awards in our name but also in the name of our offspring. We most kindly ask you to accept them in the same way. Today, you are the sparkle in our eyes and the joy in our hearts. Accept these awards as the acknowledgment for all that you have done and as a duty to do it again. Good luck!


”Izvanredni zlatni beočug” for life achievements was awarded to Professor Smilja Avramov (Ph.D.), the academic painter Vladimir Veličković, the academic Vladeta Jerotić (Ph.D.), the Professor and chef d’orchestre Darinka Matić Marović, the Faculty of Drama and ”Sava centar”.
”Zlatni beočug” for the lasting contribution to the culture of Belgrade, along with ”Princip Press” (and National Review) Publishing Company, was given to the theatre director Slobodanka Caca Aleksić, the cultural benefactor Branislav Babović, the theologian Professor Radovan Bigović (Ph.D.), the Endowment ”Dositej Obradović”, the theatre producer Professor Milan Zdravković (Ph.D.), the film critic and dramatist Božidar Zečević, the architect Professor Vladimir Kostić Divac, the composer Kornelije Bata Kovač, actors Toma Kuruzović and Nikola Simić, writers Aleksandar Čotrić and Zoran Milisavljević, the writer and translator Ivo Munćan, ”Madlenianum” Opera and Theatre, the journalist Velja Pavlović, the dramatist Lale Pavlović, the producer Milena Stojićević, the Professor of Orientology Darko Tanasković (Ph.D.), the painter Radovan Trnavac, the Philharmonic Orchestra ”Borislav Pašćan”, and the art director Danica Tomković (M. A.).


”The Belgrade Publishing Company ’Princip Press’ is one of the leaders of Serbian publishing in the area of cherishing national cultural and religious heritage, representing the tourist offer, improving the image and re-branding Serbia. With its total publishing production, in Serbian, and other world languages, with first-class design and equipment, ’Princip Press’ represents the beautiful face of Serbia”, it is said in the note of the award given to our company. ”In all editions of ’Princip Press’ (until now, in seven world languages), as in many activities and campaigns of this publishing company, Belgrade had the central position – in words, photographs, symbols and spirit. The two-millennium long history of Belgrade, all of its epochs and rulers, creators and works, palaces and churches, images and vedutas, styles and people, and the never-ending noble and nostalgic chronicle of the culture and the history of this town.”