Ode to Tourism

The number twelve has a complex and ancient symbolic value. Twelve is the number of Christ’s apostles, months in a year, zodiac signs. Twelve Knights of the Round Table, Olympic gods, fruits from the tree of life, tribes of Israel. There are twelve golden gates of Heavenly Jerusalem.
National Review dedicates its complete twelfth edition, which ends the second and starts the third year of its existence, to tourism. Why?
What we understand as tourism today, based on differently initiated needs to travel, has existed ever since the oldest times and nations. However, only in the XX century it became a mass and global phenomenon. ”It grew into a separate branch of economy; it is studied at special faculties, special departments of the government deal with it, as well as specialized organizations and media.”
Based on the reports of the World Tourism Organization (WTO), this branch of economy is marked by constant growth, despite extremely unfavorable circumstances (world financial crisis, terrorism, climate disorders, natural disasters and elementary disasters). About a billion people use the services of tourism every year. According to the realized profit, tourism has already surpassed automobile and chemical industry, while soon it will also surpass the up to recently unmatchable industries.
In such a global tourist field, Serbia does have a lot to offer. Its ”tourism product” is very diverse and multiply attractive. More foreign guests arrive each year (unofficial estimations for 2008 go up to three million), however, it is clear at first glance that this number could and must be several times higher. Seriously applying the Strategy of Tourism Development adopted by the Serbian government, completing the education and introducing a completely new generation of creative forces and managerial staff in tourism, supporting the new concept of presenting Serbian tourism potentials in the media in Serbia and abroad, are all important preconditions.
You will find many arguments, ideas, recommendations and experiences in the pages that follow. You will be illuminated by winter and summer, villages and cities, mountains and plains, rivers and seas, local and regional centers. Everyone will see exactly as much as he or she deserves.

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