Spring Mirror

Spring has finally arrived, around us and (hopefully) inside us. Ancient books teach us that this is the time of the year when most part of the Sun-Hero is saved from death and Hades. It begins moving towards the zenith again, victoriously and joyfully, initiating new flourishing of life in the whole creation. And while many others are scaring you with the tottering parasitic empire of speculative capital which will pull your home down too by the end of this year, that the future of Serbia is based only on severe saving measures, while they are showing you designed disastrous images to prepare you to swallow new repressive and restrictive laws without thinking – we will encourage you this time too to remember the billion and one beautiful and important things which really depend on you. The numerous precious ”little things than make life worthwhile”, which make ourselves and the world around us better, more noble. More pervaded by the divine.
It really does not depend on the World Bank or if we have a state or not, on credit limits and threatening figures with four decimal places whether your garden or flower pot will be tidy and blossoming or not. Whether you will spend the sunny Sunday morning at the promenade by the river, at the race track, at the old fortress’ belvedere, at the nearby city resort, at a liturgy, or remain imprisoned by television and apathy, be a passive receiver of the programmed torrent of poisoning news. Whether you will visit an interesting exhibition, a free concert, ball game, borrow an invigorating book from the library on the corner, schedule a meeting with an old friend at a square full of pigeons and beautiful young people, or continuously repeat fruitless tattles about corrupted politicians, cunning merchants, cynical bankers, punishing expeditions of the shameless utility company, turning yourself into a silent murmur of that dark world. Whether you will spread calmness and confidence around you, towards people you love and with whom you work with, simplicity and charm, or be a meaningless tag of the widespread psychosis and stress, rejecting to understand where that sour breath of desolateness, surrender and decay comes from.
This does depend on you.
”Freedom of will gives us the terrible power to choose hell.”

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