Defense with Beauty

”This is not good, my bro. Everything has turned into a big marketing experiment, with unforeseeable consequences. Both war and peace, sports, and culture, and economy. It does not matter how many people you have killed and how many countries you have destroyed, but how you presented it to the dumbed-down TV audience, suffering from chronic boredom.”
”Let it go, man. Think about the things which you can influence.”
”I would let it go, but it would not let me go. Here, large sums of disputable money are also circulating in the marketing. Through marketing they spread occupational ideology and vassal psychology. It is from there that the strongest incentive for the Latinization of Serbia comes. When was the last time you saw a commercial of a large company in Cyrillic? Apparently, it has no effect among the Serbs in Serbia, to advertise in Cyrillic. The Slovenians and Croats do not understand, those who are normally dying to purchase Serbian merchandise.”
”Just one more thing, then you can go. Language is mostly destroyed through the marketing sector. Semi-literate, they bring in load of non-transcribed English words, and then they change them using the Serbian cases. We are ranting in some crazy mix of languages, our grammar is in rags. But in this way, the corporate mice sound better to themselves, more global. And again they are afraid of our names, Serbia and Serbian sound too much for them In this way, we, in our own country, have again become these areas, a nameless territory. We have already passed through this and it did not bring us any good. This is not good, my brother. Not good at all.”
What can you do, you cannot stop the old man. When he pulls a thread, the whole sweater goes undone.
And we, preparing for the new edition, visited the ”Uvac” Reservation, climbed the mountain Radočelo, visited a Kajmakchalan, talked to Tanasije Uzunović and Aleksandar Atanasijević... We defended ourselves from everything with beauty and brains. They exist in Serbia, in abundance.

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