Serbian Games of Chance

”The salutary is born where danger grows.”
One of our guests in this issue reminds us of Hölderlin’s statement, which Jünger and Heidegger liked to quote. So much salutary was born around us this late spring and young summer that we’re finally beginning to realize the degree of danger we’re in.
Serbian history in the new millennium is largely in the area of games of chance. The main jewelry in this market is a well-balanced chain. Political technology based on skits and dust, on the ”much ado about nothing” formula, was expanded to the realm of gastronomy. Experts in cooking frogs have never been so esteemed. Our attention is so distracted that we don’t even realize who the frog is in that overused story. ”Sir, whose life are you gambling with today?”
The end of the football championship was played at press conferences, one on one. The prosecutor’s office and deration services should give the final word. And Mašan, the one that made the decision, can pay drinks for people in Golubovci: Zeta and OFK Beograd are finally clubs of the same rank, since the latter dropped down to third league.
Tourist organizations and trash media in Belgrade proudly informed us that this city is the European top destination for ”weekend fun” and ”bachelor parties”. They calculated the inflow of foreign currency from pandering tourism for this year. If we’re spiritually and culturally so close to Abu Dhabi, why wouldn’t we be ethically close to Bangkok? We all know the importance of opening new job opportunities.
Every roulette, however, stops once with the ball in the open.
Every roulette once becomes Russian.
The real Serbia, normal and ours, pulsates under this gloomy shroud and waits for us. Remember?

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