Hilarious Tragedy

Little by little, we are voting on who we are, what we are and whether we are. There are also those who are not interested in these issues, or (ah!) tired of everything, there are also those who are neutral. And the old Dante whispers to us, through personal connections, the inscription at the entrance to the seventh circle of Hell: ”This place, the most valuable in Hell, is for those who, at the time of moral crisis, chose neutrality”. Those who think irrevocably in the old fashion way believe that such things are not to be voted on, but testified with one’s life, with every day of ours and every step we make.
In Serbia, they say, sex change operations will be financed from the budget. Commenting on these announcements, one of our lucid friends said the other day on TV: ”When someone starts believing they are Napoleon or Guy Julius Caesar, we send him to psychiatric treatment for a reason. And now, when a man thinks that he is a woman, we will use tax-payer’s money to pay for his sex change operation. In a country where there is no money for the treatment of children, we will pay from the budget the implantation of uterus in men, the sewing of breasts and sex organs, maybe the horns or antlers... Have the doctors who do this sworn the Hippocratic or Frankenstein’s oath?”
Maybe the general overhaul in which men would be remodeled into refined into women is still, however, a contribution to the birth policy? Maybe a similar method could be used to solve by some other difficult political issues? For example, since Kosovo is the Heart of Serbia, perhaps surgery should be included in the current ”internal dialogue”?
All this is not yet another play by Dušan Kovačević, but the social atmosphere in which we prepared the last edition of National Review in 2017. We have made a lot of effort to stay positive. You will see what came to our minds during the process.
It is time to turn a new leaf.

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