Old Normality

Never has social engineering been so vicious. Never has matrix been so real. Never have people and nations been so deteriorated into masses, shallow and distracted, with weakened will, faith and judgment. Never has the illusion of freedom been so enslaving. Any narrative can be imposed, the question is only in the dosages for treating masses. As if we were speaking about insects, not people. This is a way of cultivating a new normality, in which a woman will be a father, children will decide about their sex, pedophiles will open kindergartens, imported mujahedeens will be your first neighbors, overindebted dealers will praise that they are most successful economy in Europe, Serbs will accept that they haven’t got anything in Kosovo, Germans and Americans will be judges for genocide and aggression, deserters will be ministers of defense and forgers will be ministers of finance, whores and robbers will be the most widely distributed writers, criminals with more years of prison than school will speak on television about ethics and art… In the new normality, we don’t know almost anything about the greatest ones, because they didn’t agree and therefore ”are not visible”.
This is how old books describe the apocalyptic epoch of the Great Inversion, modern boneheads call it reality show. Behind the curtains, everything is covered with a sly smile of those to whom it’s not Antichrist coming through the Jerusalem Golden Gate, but Messiah.
In all this, it is most difficult for those who are truly normal. Those who still see and recognize things and call them by their true name. Those who are not affected by the planted narratives, and therefore have to endure everything without narcosis. Those who are still attending schools, reading books, giving birth to children and take care of them, fulfilling their duties, know shame and dignity, love their nation and country.
It is most difficult for them, because they are the key. They are the majority, and everything actually depends on them. They need to break the illusion about their infirmity. To reject the false choice: accept or leave.

This magazine is addressing them.

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