The Time Will Come

Now when this edition of the National Review is put in print, the foreboding shadows of Kosovo and the events to come are hanging over our heads. Even over these who think that they are far enough, who think that this will not concern them? When injustice is caused to one man, then it concerns all people on planet Earth and in space. Moreover, when evil is brought to a whole nation and to a whole country, continuously and calculating, to Serbs and to Serbia, in front of others?
Something that should not will happen and it will not happen what should happen. Shall we be witnesses of the triumph of cynicism, brutal forgery and arrogant violence over Serbia from those in whose ”values and principles” many have ritually sworn? How can we live with that? Can our collocutors and traveling companions be the very responsible for bad things done or the ones who remained silent, who lied or cheered?
”Kosovo or Europe?” they say while preparing the ceremony of ripping our heart, of cutting off our right arm, which we can see for ourselves in a live broadcast. ”The choice was always yours!”
In the middle of sites of fire of all utopias in the Balkans, which still smokes in the never-ending day after, all is unmasked and everyone becomes what he really was, since the beginning of time.
”If these are the dark ages of destinies and if destiny is irrevocable, the only thing I can do is to preserve the purity of my own life. If there is an exit, it is only in evoking the purity of the world with your own purity. If the truth had left me behind, my only defense is to stay loyal to it.”
When everything is so relative and depending on agreements, it is enough to remember the word of Béla Hamvas, one of the last European wise men, who lives his real life, posthumous though, in Serbian language and culture.
Kosovo and Methohia will never be truly lost if we do not lose it in our hearts and promises.
Eventually, the time will come.
We shall think of how we are going to wait for it.

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